David Yarrow

Service: Brand Video

David Yarrow is a British fine-art photographer, conservationist and author. He has travelled to isolated locations to capture images of wildlife, indigenous communities and landscapes.

We were asked by David’s team to create a trailer for their first edition of In Focus, an international journal with photography and film as its genesis, and collaboration and philanthropy as its backbone.

The first volume featured articles on; American on Cindy Crawford, actor Chris Hemsworth, Game of Thrones star Nathalie Emmanuel, golfing legend Gary Player and fine art photographer Harry Benson. As well as Covering a wide variety of places such as Texas, Kenya, Devon and Rwanda.

To create the trailer, we first had to go through all the footage from the trips, as well as audio clips highlighting David’s thoughts. Once we shortlisted this content, we then shot the journal in our studio and deconstructed the graphic overlays to help with transitioning between frames. The overall result is a cinematic trailer paying homage to the incredible work of David Yarrow.