Tommi's Burger Joint Mitte

Tommi’s Burger Joint – Comfort burger of choice

Tommi's Burger Joint Mitte

I am never a huge fan of chains but once in a while I make exceptions. Especially, when I have personally gone to a place over 4 times!

Tommi’s Burger Joint is currently on my exceptions list. This Icelandic import, currently has two locations in Berlin. The one on Invalidenstrasse 160 is stone throws away from where I live and one afternoon a few months ago I decided to go give it a go.


On first impressions, the place reminded me of the cult ‘Burger Joint’ in the Le Parker Meridien in NYC. Especially with the wooden furniture and cardboard signboards. The similarities even extend to how the burgers come out in white paper and to the size of burger. It makes you wonder if the inspiration for this institution comes from the place it shares a bit of their name.

Tommi's Burget Joint

Regardless of the obvious similarities and my nostalgic memories of living in New York, visiting and eating at the burger joint….Tommi’s does make consistently good fast food style burgers, which never disappoints!


The type of burger that satisfies your carnal craving for good old fashion beef, with simple seasoning, grilled medium-well to perfection. And not to mention, the perfect side of  McDonald’s size fries, which everyone loves, with out the sogginess.  Every batch is freshly made, to ensure you always get that crispy freshness in every bite.

Tommi Gunn's Burger Joint

There are better burger places in Berlin to get a Bacon Cheeseburger but this is my go to comfort burger in Berlin……for now.


TookTook Tips:

Try one of the two Einstök, Icelandic beers they have in bottles, white ale in particular goes really well with the burger.

Einstock Tommi's Burger Joint

Get their in house chipotle sauce. It’s a euro and totally worth adding to your burger, to give that tangy umami to the burger.

If your expecting a super quick meal during peak dinning hours of lunch and dinner, then skip it, because the place can get very crowded, averaging 15-20 minutes after you place your order.

Sweet potato fries are definitely worth getting if your sharing, but get the regular if your by yourself.

Website: Tommis Burger Joint

Address: Invalidenstrasse 160, 10115 Berlin

Telephone: +49 30 52132190

Timing: Monday – Sunday | 12:00 – 22:00  

Price: €



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