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Nobook Barcelona

One night we were looking to try out a new place for diner in Barcelona and it needed to be quite central. We heard about Nobook.

As the name suggests, you cannot make a reservation/booking, hence the name Nobook. You can really feel this place is different and has an identity of its own.

From the moment you enter, you see chairs hanging on the wall ready to be brought into effect for extra seating, orange-themed decor, open plan kitchen, but the best is the staff are dressed up in orange jumpsuits as if they were prisoners in a corrections facility.

A bit shocking, the colors and the outfits at first, you get used to it, especially the team is so welcoming and enjoying their own environment. The closest thing to a literal version of Orange is the New Black.


The cocktails here are very creative and well presented. Do try one or two throughout your meal.

Like the cocktails, the dishes are creative as well. They touch upon various cuisines from around the world and are great for sharing amongst each other.

Do check out what we ate.


Gua Bao with Peking Duck
General Tso Chicken

Over and above the main menu, there a few surprise dishes that are served from off the menu so be sure to try those as well.

After a lovely meal of a variety of flavors and there was no dessert or coffee or coffe on offer because their cocktails are supposed to take care of your post meal cravings. The night we went there was a band and it kept the energy flowing throughout the night.

You’ll be walking away from Nobook with good vibes.

TookTook Tips:

  • Make sure you know how much you are ordering as quantities vary per dish
  • Try some of their amazing cocktails
  • Find out what is on their unwritten menu
Menu: nobook.es
Phone: At Nobook you can’t book so…No Phone
Price: €€€


Tuesday 7:30–11:30PM
Wednesday 7:30–11:30PM
Thursday 1–3:30PM, 7:30PM–12AM
Friday 1–3:30PM, 7:30PM–12AM
Saturday 1–3:30PM, 7:30PM–12AM
Sunday: Closed
Monday 7:30–11:30PM

Signing out,

The Tooktook Team

Barcelona: Born to be Wild

Summer might be coming to an end in most places, but in Barcelona the sun is shinning brighter than ever.

As you may already know, Barcelona is made up of various neighborhoods, with each offering its own style, charm, and vibes.

Today, we will be taking a trip through the neighborhood of El Born.


Cafés El Magnifico | Carrer de l’Argenteria, 64, 08003 | www.cafeselmagnifico.com | +34933193975

Really good coffee! Carefully sourced and toasted beans from various part of globe.




Tapeo del Born Carrer de Montcada, 29, 08003 | www.tapeoborn.cat | +34933101607

Delicious tapas with some great creativity and flavors.




La Paradeta Carrer Comercial, 7 | www.laparadeta.com | +34932681939

Fresh Seafood purchased by the kilo. Pick your fish, the quantity and the way it’s cooked (fried, grilled, or boiled). Dig in.




Tlaxcal | Carrer del Comerç, 27, 08003 | www.tlaxcal.com | +34932684134

Just some great Mexican food. The tacos are amazing here, so are the enchiladas and the guacamole.





La Taguara Carrer del Rec, 10, 08003 | www.taguara.es | +34932681572

Really good arepas. It’s standing only, which makes it a great place for a quick bite.


Cal Pep Plaça de les Olles, 8, 08003 | www.calpep.com | +34933107961

Tapas. This place is always packed and you eat at the bar.



Picnic Carrer del Comerç, 1, 08003 | www.picnic-restaurant.com | +34935116661

Awesome brunch food.




Llamber Carrer de la Fusina, 5, 08003 | www.llamber.com | +34933196250

Gastronomic cuisine.






Espai Sucre Carrer de la Princesa, 53, 08003 | www.espaisucre.com | +34932681630

Gastronomic tasting menu for desserts. Quite a unique concept with unusual flavor combinations.

Espai Sucre

Espai Sucre2

Espai Sucre3

Espai Sucre4

Bubó Carrer de les Caputxes, 10, 08003 | http://bubo.es | +34932687224

It’s a great and the right place to succumb to all your sweet tooth cravings. You will come across all sorts of goodies. Tarts, bakery items, cakes, macaroons, chocolates. You name they got it.



Bormuth Plaça Comercial, 1, 08003 | bormuth.blogspot.com.es | +34933102186


Etniko Carrer del fossar de les moreres  | Website | +34931882890

You can find some great vermouth here, but cocktails as well.


Boarding for Buenos Aires!

We would like to give a special thanks to our awesome local Justina for sharing her Buenos Aires with us on our maiden voyage to South America!!!


First of all, for most of us to getting to South America is a big ask. It’s really freakin’ far away! Once we get there we want to end up doing as much as possible, because when the hell are we ever going to get the chance to go back there again? It’s sad, but true.

I am also glad we got the chance to share Buenos Aires with you now, because it could be a part of your itinerary this summer before, during or after the World Cup in Brazil.

The restaurants below have been broken into groups: Parrilla for a true Argentinian meat experience, Italian food as it’s also part of Argentinian cuisine, Brunch/Lunch/Coffee places to relax and enjoy a good meal out in the sun, and a list of Other recommended places. Enjoy!


Parrilla (BBQ or Charcoal Grilled) aka Meat Heaven. This is the holy grail for meat lovers everywhere.



Address: Costa Rica 5602, C1414BTD Buenos Aires, Argentina


El Pobre Luis



Address: Arribeños 2393, Buenos Aires, Capital Federal, Argentina


La Cabrera




cabrera (1)

Address: José Antonio Cabrera 5099, C1414BGQ Buenos Aires, Capital Federal, Argentina



Italian. Some of the best Italian food outside of Italy can be found in Argentina.



Address: Both Locations


Il Balo del Mattone




Address: Calle Gorriti 5737, Palermo, Buenos Aires, Argentina



Brunch/ Lunch/ Tea TimeFind some really cool and chill spots to go for an enjoyable brunch, or a relaxing tea/coffee.




Address: Soldado de la Independencia 670, C1426BTF Buenos Aires, Capital Federal, Argentina


Café Crespin 





Address: Vera 699, Buenos Aires, Argentina


Pehache 1418

Eventos - PHILIPS (1)    IMG_0191-620x330

Address: Gurruchaga 1418, 1414 Buenos Aires, Capital Federal, Argentina


Coco Marie Cafe





Address: Armenia 1764, Buenos Aires, Argentina



Voulez Bar Patisserie





Address: Av Cerviño 3802, Buenos Aires, Argentina

La Lupita. Mexican.



5 lupita-buenos-aires-bar-canitas



Address: Av Santa Fe 1670, Buenos Aires, Argentina


Osaka. Peruvian & Sushi.




Address: Soler 5608, Buenos Aires, Argentina


Tancat. Spanish.




Salon Tancat Baja

Address: Paraguay 645, Buenos Aires, Argentina


Sarkis. Armenian.





Address: Thames 1101, Buenos Aires, Capital Federal, Argentina


Alimentari. Medialunas.

There are quite a few of these all over the city. If you find one, just pick up a medialuna from here. A medialunas are basically croissants in Argentina.




The tooktook team,


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Happy in Valencia

We would like to give special thanks to our awesome local Santiago Vernetta for sharing his Valencia with us.


Valencia, the home to la Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias and paella, has some great places to wine and dine. Hopefully, these places will purge any hunger pangs you might be having.

La Papparadella

The restaurant offers some great Italian food ranging from pasta, pizzas, and piadinis. It has outdoor and indoor seating. The ingredients are so fresh, whether it’s the greens in the salad or the bufala in the caprese. Some good ol’ wholesome food.


Address: Carrer dels Brodadors, 5, 46001 València

Picoteo de Vicio

You can find some great tapas here. Awesome combinations and the way the food was presented made meal even more sensory. It is perfect for trying a little bit of everything and if someone orders something you like you can order it in the next round.


Address: Carrer de Borriana, 26, 46005

La Petite Brioche Bakery


Great place to walk over to for breakfast. With mini pancakes, scrambled eggs, quiches, cookies and a lot more sweet and savory things on the menu to start your day with a smile. And fresh orange juice.

Address: Calle de Sorni, 28, 46004 

La Parrillita Argentina

If you are a real carnivore, then this Argentinian place is the where you should go. The steaks and other meat dishes on offer are just top notch. Have some really good wines to accompany your meal.

parillita argentina

Address:  Calle de Salamanca, 7, 46005


Their ingredients are all sourced from the central market around the corner. So everything is really fresh. With good lunch or dinner menus you don’t have to worry about when you come to dine. If you are you looking for a place to eat with outdoor seating on a sunny day in the center of town, then this is it.


Address: Pujada del Toledà, 8, 46001


If you’re looking for a relaxed romantic dinner with a pleasant ambience and with the choice to be seated outdoors or indoors the Lambrusqueria is a pretty good option . Come here for the lambrusco, of course. Seems like a cool  place to hangout during the afternoons, with a more continental Europe pub feel.


Address: Calle Conde Altea, 31, 46005

La Pepica

This is a touchy topic in Spain and especially in Valencia. Where can you find the best paella in town? People have their favorites and restaurants have their specialities. We looked at the experience as a hole. Paella needs to be eaten by the beach. Therefore, the Malvarossa beach area is the right place to go.  With the numerous options on hand it is difficult to pick an outright winner. An institution since 1898 for paella in Valencia, La Pepica is known to serve the best seafood paella around. Levante is also a great spot for chicken and rabbit paella and would be a good choice if you are looking for something near the center of town.

valencia paella pepica4

Address: Paseo de Neptuno 6, Playa de la Malvarosa, 46011


The tooktook team,


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