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Meat in Tokyo

The Land of the Rising Sun has always been a fascinating place to visit. Disconnected from Continental Asia, and the rest of the world, island life in such a technologically advanced nation was surely to be an interesting experience to say the least. 

Tokyo, being the largest city in world, yet is spotless. Everything is extremely well maintained and serves a purpose. Since space is limited on the islands of Japan and more specifically in Tokyo, building vertically helps to fit in more, in less.

Tokyo is one of those holy grails for food lovers, but not all the great eateries can be seen just on street level, they have to be found. They have to be discovered. Some places are on random floors or rooftops or basements in random buildings, in varying areas of the city. That is why it is a never ending treasure chest. 

The culture in Japan respects all trades, crafts, and art, this includes food. From the freshness of the ingredients to the extreme dedication of chefs perfecting their trade, the quality here is second to none.  

One may assume our trip to Tokyo to have been filled with only eating sushi or some sort of pescatarian diet. Don’t get me wrong there was a lot of that and the best and freshest you will ever have, but there was a lot of other exceptional food too. 

That brings me to experiencing one of the most delicious meat meals ever! Don’t forget Japan is also known for its beef. And if you’re tired of eating just the “plain old” sushi and want some meat, then you HAVE to eat at Ushinokura.

The meat is so fresh and you get a variety of cuts. They are all so delicious and are like butter, just every morsel melts in your mouth. The fun part is you put the meat on the grill yourself. You just can’t go wrong with it whether you like it rare or well done. All you need, if any, is a pinch of salt and the flavor is amplified. Mouth-watering meat lover heaven. Enough for a vegetarian to cheat.Have a few beers and get some frozen saki to go throughout your meal.

Address: Japan, 〒107-0052 Tōkyō-to, Minato-ku, Akasaka, 7 Chome−9, 赤坂7丁目9−1

Tel: +81 3-5573-9062

Hours: 5PM to 3AM


TookTook Team

Boarding for Buenos Aires!

We would like to give a special thanks to our awesome local Justina for sharing her Buenos Aires with us on our maiden voyage to South America!!!


First of all, for most of us to getting to South America is a big ask. It’s really freakin’ far away! Once we get there we want to end up doing as much as possible, because when the hell are we ever going to get the chance to go back there again? It’s sad, but true.

I am also glad we got the chance to share Buenos Aires with you now, because it could be a part of your itinerary this summer before, during or after the World Cup in Brazil.

The restaurants below have been broken into groups: Parrilla for a true Argentinian meat experience, Italian food as it’s also part of Argentinian cuisine, Brunch/Lunch/Coffee places to relax and enjoy a good meal out in the sun, and a list of Other recommended places. Enjoy!


Parrilla (BBQ or Charcoal Grilled) aka Meat Heaven. This is the holy grail for meat lovers everywhere.



Address: Costa Rica 5602, C1414BTD Buenos Aires, Argentina


El Pobre Luis



Address: Arribeños 2393, Buenos Aires, Capital Federal, Argentina


La Cabrera




cabrera (1)

Address: José Antonio Cabrera 5099, C1414BGQ Buenos Aires, Capital Federal, Argentina



Italian. Some of the best Italian food outside of Italy can be found in Argentina.



Address: Both Locations


Il Balo del Mattone




Address: Calle Gorriti 5737, Palermo, Buenos Aires, Argentina



Brunch/ Lunch/ Tea TimeFind some really cool and chill spots to go for an enjoyable brunch, or a relaxing tea/coffee.




Address: Soldado de la Independencia 670, C1426BTF Buenos Aires, Capital Federal, Argentina


Café Crespin 





Address: Vera 699, Buenos Aires, Argentina


Pehache 1418

Eventos - PHILIPS (1)    IMG_0191-620x330

Address: Gurruchaga 1418, 1414 Buenos Aires, Capital Federal, Argentina


Coco Marie Cafe





Address: Armenia 1764, Buenos Aires, Argentina



Voulez Bar Patisserie





Address: Av Cerviño 3802, Buenos Aires, Argentina

La Lupita. Mexican.



5 lupita-buenos-aires-bar-canitas



Address: Av Santa Fe 1670, Buenos Aires, Argentina


Osaka. Peruvian & Sushi.




Address: Soler 5608, Buenos Aires, Argentina


Tancat. Spanish.




Salon Tancat Baja

Address: Paraguay 645, Buenos Aires, Argentina


Sarkis. Armenian.





Address: Thames 1101, Buenos Aires, Capital Federal, Argentina


Alimentari. Medialunas.

There are quite a few of these all over the city. If you find one, just pick up a medialuna from here. A medialunas are basically croissants in Argentina.




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