House of Small Wonder – American Brunch meets Japan

Brunch is an institution for me…which has been stamped into my DNA during my 8 year stint in New York. No weekend is perfect, with out having a lazy afternoon with friends over eggs, sandwiches, coffee, and of course cocktails!

That last bit of cocktails is even more important, if I had a big night out and need something for that hangover, which I am hiding under baseball hat and sunglasses!

Since I have moved to this awesome city, I am constantly on the hunt to find the Top Berlin Brunch spots. I was fortunate enough to come across House of Small Wonder and without knowing anything about its origins, I thought I had to check it out.

House of Small WonderBerlin Brunch

Now when you try to go there for the first time, you will find the location a bit of mystery, because there is not a whole lot going on Johannistrasse, especially with the all the construction happening on the street right now. And with the location being right of Friedchstrasse with new glass building next to it, it’s not the most exciting place in Berlin to visit.

This entire feeling changes as soon as you walk into the ground floor entrance and when you see that staircase for the first time.

Berlin Brunch

Surrounded by potted plants and greenery, with tons of natural light, makes it one my favourite places to wait for a table upstairs! And yes unfortunately there will be wait to get spot, because it is very popular and judging by the number of Instagram posts on just the staircase, most people don’t seem mind the wait either 🙂

House of Small Wonder

Once you make your way up the winding staircase, this room, with large ceilings welcomes you, with really cool hipster décor, lots of wood and tons of natural light. This to me was so Brooklyn, when I first saw it!

House of Small WonderTop Brunch spot in Berlin

The food was simple but with a strong Japanese influence. Everything sounded fresh and there were a couple of things that just caught our eyes, which we had to try!

Homemade Biscuit Benedict

Homemade yogurt-scone with ham, soft cooked organic egg and wasabi hollandaise sauce

Eggs Benedict Berlin - House of Small Wonder

Kakuni Sandwich

Apple-fed pork belly kakuni on a wheat roll served with iceberg lettuce, tomato, sweet soy sauce and mustard mayonnaise. Served with spinach salad

Pork Belly Sandwich BerlinPork Belly Sandwich Berlin

Croque Madame

Ham and gruyere cheese sandwich griller with béchamel sauce and scrambled organic eggs

House of Small Wonder

I have been to House of Small wonder over four times since I have moved to Berlin and when I decided to write about the place, I discovered the co-founders, Mokoto Watanabe and Shaul Margulies created the first House of Small Wonder in Williamsburg, Brooklyn the summer of 2010! Ha! A month before I left New York to London! So clearly it was destiny for me to find this place and to be in my Top Berlin Brunch list!


TookTook Tips
  • Try to avoid the weekends, unfortunately this has hit a lot of the tourist lists and tends to be quite packed.
  • Get the Orange Juice, its super fresh!

  • if you only pick one thing, I would def pick between the pork belly sandwich and the house benedict. With my preference going to the sandwich, it is probably one of the best pork belly sandwiches you can get in Berlin right now!


Website: House of Small Wonder
Address:  Johannisstraße 20, 10117 Berlin
Price: €€
Friday 9AM–5PM
Saturday 9AM–5PM
Sunday 9AM–5PM
Monday 9AM–5PM
Tuesday 9AM–5PM
Wednesday 9AM–5PM
Thursday 9AM–5PM


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