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Just so Istanbul

A big shoutout to our local Cansu Ozgul.
Many thanks for sharing your Istanbul with us and we will be sharing more of it very soon!!!


Just so amazing, so beautiful, so diverse, so historic and on two continents, Istanbul is truly a magical city. Walking through Istanbul is like traveling through time. All that you have read in your history books over the years is finally a feast for your eyes. This city has so much to offer in any and every direction. It’s got that buzzin’ energy.

We are skipping the “are you going to go to the…?” conversation because that would be a waste of your time. We already know you are going to see the Topkapi Palace, Ayasofya, Blue Mosque, Grand Bazaar, Bosphorus, Galata Tower, and etc. Instead, thanks to an awesome local’s perspective we have a little bit of an adventure on our hands. This will be the first of many Istanbul posts so keep a look out as this city has something for everyone.

Important tip: Istanbul is so big and traffic is terribly slow in the city, you really will want to cover each area as much as possible the first time around. Therefore, we won’t be pinpointing anything just yet. For this post we want you to get a feel for the city by giving you a push in the right direction.




This is a very historical combination of areas of Istanbul with the Galata tower, but also has cool local shops, contemporary and antique boutiques.










Go sighseeing in Sultanahmet, and then eat at Konyali for some great local food.




Great for hanging out at an open-air hotspot for good shopping (high-end stores and boutiques) as well as restaurants, cafes and bars. Check out Beymen and Vakko.


Istinye Park

You can find all kinds of brands here. This a long trendy hotspot for shopping, eating, and drinking. There are both open-air stores and indoor shops in the mall. There are some good café/restaurants such as Armani Cafe and Masa Restaurant (very trendy for lunch).




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