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The Best Gelaterias in London

Let’s get something straight. Gelato ain’t ice cream. This Italian creation has some clear advantages over its cousin. It’s got less fat, so you can eat more. It’s milkier so it’s tastier. It’s denser, so there’s more to have in one bite. Served warmer than ice cream, so it’s easier to attack of the get go. It’s Gelato -with an Italian accent- it even sounds better than ice cream! We spent a lot time speaking to locals and we have compiled the go to places for gelato in London-town!



The undisputed champion of Gelato in London. Located in the heart of Soho, praised by everyone from Vogue, Zagat, Timeout and the not so mainstream crowd. The attention is completely warranted! This also means the lines sometimes does get to be long, especially in spring and summer days. The big plus point – they open reasonably late for a dessert spot, so it is a perfect spot for your post dinner/theater craving of creamy goodness! Local tip – Pistachio flavor is just divine .


Address: 7 Archer Street, London, W1D 7AU



This is their flagship shop, but they have outposts across various parts of London to meet your gelato craving wherever you may be. The moment you walk in you notice the bright blue and white theme, with a selection of Italian treats to go with their Gelato selection, giving very real feel of Italy. This is the main reason why we had to put Oddono’s on our local list of favorites. They have been around for a little while and some of the new spots may produce slightly better gelato, but there is really something comforting on how they do things here, which keeps everyone coming back. One key surprise (about to be ruined) is if you order the nutty flavors, there is a little bit of crunch to your gelato, making it very unique!


Address: 14 Bute Street, London SW7 3EX



Scoop has three locations in London, but this South Kensington one is the firm favorite for our locals. They have by far the creamiest gelato we have ever had in London. It goes with their philosophy of ‘’natural luxury’. We were very satisfied with most of the flavors they had to offer and the staff is super friendly! They also make their own cakes, croissants, and pastries and they were not to shabby either. For a true gelato aficionado this is one not to miss!


Address: 16 Old Brompton Road


Gelateria Danieli

This is slightly outside the center of town but its worth the trip to the leafy suburb of Richmond on a warm sunny day. They have over 24 flavors, amazing Italian coffee and outstanding milkshakes. Located right of the green, makes this amazing place ideal to pick up some fresh creamy goodness and to enjoy the outdoor space. This is a firm favorite for everyone in the area and be prepared for the queues on a sunny day. Local Tip: You would not think of them at first, but peanut and fig are worth a try!


Address: 16 Brewers Ln Richmond TW9 1HH



Considered by the experts to be the most authentic Gelato in town. Located just off covent garden unfortunately does make it a bit of tourist trap as well. But its worth a visit to just see their machine in action right off the counter. It’s fresh gelato made in true Italian fashion and that makes the locals come back for more!


Address: 2 Russell Street