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Happy in Valencia

We would like to give special thanks to our awesome local Santiago Vernetta for sharing his Valencia with us.


Valencia, the home to la Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias and paella, has some great places to wine and dine. Hopefully, these places will purge any hunger pangs you might be having.

La Papparadella

The restaurant offers some great Italian food ranging from pasta, pizzas, and piadinis. It has outdoor and indoor seating. The ingredients are so fresh, whether it’s the greens in the salad or the bufala in the caprese. Some good ol’ wholesome food.


Address: Carrer dels Brodadors, 5, 46001 València

Picoteo de Vicio

You can find some great tapas here. Awesome combinations and the way the food was presented made meal even more sensory. It is perfect for trying a little bit of everything and if someone orders something you like you can order it in the next round.


Address: Carrer de Borriana, 26, 46005

La Petite Brioche Bakery


Great place to walk over to for breakfast. With mini pancakes, scrambled eggs, quiches, cookies and a lot more sweet and savory things on the menu to start your day with a smile. And fresh orange juice.

Address: Calle de Sorni, 28, 46004 

La Parrillita Argentina

If you are a real carnivore, then this Argentinian place is the where you should go. The steaks and other meat dishes on offer are just top notch. Have some really good wines to accompany your meal.

parillita argentina

Address:  Calle de Salamanca, 7, 46005


Their ingredients are all sourced from the central market around the corner. So everything is really fresh. With good lunch or dinner menus you don’t have to worry about when you come to dine. If you are you looking for a place to eat with outdoor seating on a sunny day in the center of town, then this is it.


Address: Pujada del Toledà, 8, 46001


If you’re looking for a relaxed romantic dinner with a pleasant ambience and with the choice to be seated outdoors or indoors the Lambrusqueria is a pretty good option . Come here for the lambrusco, of course. Seems like a cool  place to hangout during the afternoons, with a more continental Europe pub feel.


Address: Calle Conde Altea, 31, 46005

La Pepica

This is a touchy topic in Spain and especially in Valencia. Where can you find the best paella in town? People have their favorites and restaurants have their specialities. We looked at the experience as a hole. Paella needs to be eaten by the beach. Therefore, the Malvarossa beach area is the right place to go.  With the numerous options on hand it is difficult to pick an outright winner. An institution since 1898 for paella in Valencia, La Pepica is known to serve the best seafood paella around. Levante is also a great spot for chicken and rabbit paella and would be a good choice if you are looking for something near the center of town.

valencia paella pepica4

Address: Paseo de Neptuno 6, Playa de la Malvarosa, 46011


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