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El Portal – The Gastronomic Taberna of Alicante

The Taberna & Wines Portal

El Portal is a restaurant that is famous in Alicante for a variety of reasons.

  1. It is the epicentre of fine dining in Alicante.
  2. They have an Incredible wine list and serve stunning cocktails.
  3. It is stylish and a place to be seen.
  4. And it is rated highly by the folks at Michelin

El Portal Taberna & Wines

None of these things, usually gets us excited but based on recommendations from locals tellings us to go to Portal, we thought, why not, lets give it a shot!

We arrived on a Friday afternoon and tried to walk in, which was an automatic fail, because the whole place was booked out and not only booked out for the rest of Friday, but for the entire weekend. The lovely maître d however told us to come the next day at 1pm, when the place opens and we could get a spot at the bar.

The Taberna & Wines Portal

So the next day that is exactly what we did and we walked in as one of the first folks for lunch (1pm is clearly too early for Spanish lunch time!). We were given a seats at the bar and because it was relatively quiet, the bar tender was able to chat with us and give us recommendations on what to order.


We ordered 10 dishes covering a variety of things, such as Mollejas de cordero (lamb with sweet bread), Patatas Bravas ( baked potato with aioli sauce), and Verdura Gastromercat ( mozzarella and tomato).




The highlight however were:

Turron de Foie turron-de-foie

Turron or nougat, are made with honey, sugar, and egg white, with toasted almonds. Almonds are indigenous to the region, so you know your getting some one the best turrons in Spain here. And when you combine that nutty paste with the soft consistency of Foie Gras, you are creating an explosion of flavour, like we have never had before.

Vieiras Asadas vieiras-asadas

The roasted scallops in a buttery cream sauce and  topped with bacon!! We just loved this dish. I mean anything with bacon, just makes things better ha! But in all seriousness this is dish, executed to perfection.

Berengena Asadaberengena-asada

Roasted Aubergine was spectacular. It was tender, packed with a lot of flavour. The upper bread crumbled crust, give this dish an amazing contrast between the braised flavours of the aubergine and crispy flavours of the crumble.

Tuna Tataki


This was the highlight of what we eat. This dish was at par with anything you would eat in Japan. The Sashimi was tender, almost buttery and was literally melting in our mouths. We highly recommend, getting this dish if you are good with seafood!


The other dish highly recommended, was the snow crab, which we did not have any space our stomachs to get to, but the bar tender could not stop raving about it!

We are highly impressed by Portal and our experience. Carlos Bosch and his partner and Chef Sergio Sierra have done an incredible job putting Alicante on the map with their restaurant.

TookTook Tips:

  • Make sure to get reservations, Portal is extremely popular with locals and visitors.
  • Book a table for a late lunch on Saturday, we recommend around 2pm and  stick around for drinks! The atmosphere is electric, fuelled by the amazing cocktails.
  • Try the Olive oil that they serve, it is amazing!

Address: Calle Bilbao, 2, 03001 Alicante

Phone: +34 965 14 32 69

Website: El Portal

Hours: Open every day· 1pm–1:30am

Price: €€€

To-Bar – An Alicantino Meal to Remember 

Imagine walking into a restaurant not knowing what you’re going to eat, how much you’re going to pay, how much you’re going to get to eat, or what kind of cuisine it is. We walked into To-bar in Alicante under those circumstances.

Completely overwhelmed by the lack of control over the situation we were wondering if this was turning out to be a good idea in the first place. The waiter with great confidence and jubilation told us we are in good hands and have very little to worry about. We decided to go with the flow.

Bread, water, wine, salad, a host of appetizers, freshly caught shrimp ready to peel, first plate of meat and a second plate of fish, dessert, coffee, digestifs were all included. This turned out to be truly a local, authentic, Alicantino meal.


By the end of the meal we had no more space. No more wiggle room to move. We held our breath for the bill not knowing the damage to our wallets. How much was this experience really worth?

€ 17.50 per head! Our jaws dropped, we couldn’t believe it. For that price this meal was outstanding and worth every penny. Probably, one of the most value-for-money moments ever in our lives.

The atmosphere is great here, like a rustic tavern. Whether you are two people or twenty this place can accommodate any occasion.

Tooktook Tips:

  • Be sure to make a reservation as such an experience is in great demand for visitors and locals alike.


Address: Calle Músico José Torregrosa, 28, 03112 Alicante
Phone: 645 46 18 36
Hours: Open every day· 12–4PM | Friday and Saturday 9–11PM | Sunday Closed

Price: €

From the Tooktook Team