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Belgrade, The White City

Belgrade, Beograd, or also known as the white city is the capital and largest city of Serbia. It is located at the confluence of the Sava and Danube rivers, where the Pannonian Plain meets the Balkans. The city is a modern metropolis and deeply rooted in culture with its many theatres, museums, monuments and opera houses. The food and nightlife is eclectic, offering a diverse range of options and brimming with energy. The following are some of the places we visited with our local friends.

Supermarket Concept Store

Representing a unique concept that offers a blend of fusion cuisine, contemporary design, fashion, music events, cocktail and wine bar, gift shop, spa center and a bookstore all under one roof. It is located in the very heart of Belgrade and a great place for lunch and conversation.


Address: Višnjićeva 10



An informal and friendly atmosphere with loads of charm, frequented by the glitterati of Belgrade, which makes this an amazing place to people watch. The food is at par with the atmosphere offering an amazing array of starters and main courses.


Our favorites are:

Crispy Panko Chicken in Japanese bread crumbs

Mini Roast Beef Sandwich

Duck Spring Rolls in a yummy “nam pla” and apple sauce

Lamb chops from New Zealand which are served with wild pečurkec.

Fries- they are unreal!

Address: Molerova 33


If the life size statue of Novak in Samurai gear is not a giveaway and you might not be a fan of the famous tennis player, we still think it’s a place worth checking out. The food is quite good and there is even a gluten-free section in homage to Novak’s dietary needs. It’s part memorabilia, part sports bar, part fine dining. There are not a lot of places in the world that can pull this combo off. Not to mention you can have a selection of Cuban cigars to go with your cocktail of choice and watch the game. Man cave!


Address: Bulevar Arsenija Čarnojevića 54a



Iguana is a beautiful restaurant located at the docks just next to the Port of Belgrade. The restaurant is dimly lit and beautifully decorated with a space for live jazz music. The menu is limited but with a selection of fresh fish, excellent wok dishes and if your lucky there are the occasional not on the menu ‘specials’. The last time we were there we got rare mussels from the neighboring Montenegro. Desserts are also great, a sticky date pudding is a must-try. Overall, it is a perfect restaurant to take in the river view with close company.



Addresss: Karađorđeva 2-4


Stara srpska kuća (Old Serbian house)

This is the place to come for an authentic Serbian meal. Situated on the border between Zemun and New Belgrade, between the high-rise buildings, “Old Serbian house” seems out of place. This ethnic restaurant is designed to make each guest reminisce with the smell of antiques, opening many childhood memories. Wooden benches and earthenware take you back to ancient times. Bread pie, “Zaditor“, the sword of Emperor Dusan, are specialties of the house.  Friendly staff, along with everything else, will keep you coming back again and again.


Address: Džona Kenedija 10p, Zemun


Extremely relaxing place to grab a daytime drink on the river Danube, offering great ambience. The night scene is not to shabby either, as an alternative from the usual city clubs.


Address: Bulevaru Nikole Tesle 10 Kej Oslobođenja

Moritz Eis Flagship Store

A super popular ice-cream shop and is considered the best in Belgrade. So if you have a sweet tooth and want to try some interesting flavors, this is where you got to go.


Address: Vuka Karadžića 9 (Knez Mihajlova)


Head down the steps from the higher ground of Belgrade city center, just under the Brankov Bridge, you will find this amazing quaint café. There is a courtyard just at the entrance, where live jazz is playing during good weather. There is a bohemian feel to this place. The first floor of the café makes you feel like you are in the warmth of your own at home. This is definitely shabby chic at its best. Walls have been kept old, with aged paintings in antique-looking frames and large chalkboards with the drinks menu and events spread across the walls. The atmosphere is unique, making it one not to miss.


Address: Karađorđeva 43 Male Stepenice 1a

Cantina de Frida

This restaurant/night club has been a hotspot in Belgrade since it opened. The service is not great and the food is ok, but if you are looking for a scene or to be seen in Belgrade and want to mix with the ‘cool’ crowd, then this is the place to be.


Address: Karađorđeva 2

O.U.R. Bar

Bringing the old school New York bar style with a modern twist to Belgrade. It is incredibly chill and the staff are amazing! The cocktails are incredible and there is tons of space to lounge and yet ample room to dance the night away. This is a local favorite that is universally loved!


Address: Beogradska 71


So after a few drinks, you get late night food cravings, nothing will satisfy your stomach like a Serbian burger ‘pljeskavica’ – what looks like a burger meant for a giant, is a meaty adventure of goodness, guaranteeing a good night of sleep! The pizza here is not too shabby either. And in case you feel like some beer, the store next door, sells some local beer in 2 litter bottles.


Address: Goce Delčeva 18c Palmira Toljatija



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