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The Center of Europe, Vilnius?

A big shoutout to our local Ieva Blazyte.
Many thanks for sharing a part of your Vilnius with us.


It is pretty hard to compete with our last post. What better way to trump New York City, than going to the ‘almost’ geographical center of Europe, at least according to Guinness World Records. Vilnius, Lithuania is the city under our spotlight today.

A trusted local has given us an abridged version of some of the hot spots in town.


Studio 9 

It is considered to be one of the trendiest places in the city. It is that all-in-one place that you will enjoy. It becomes a club at night, but offers some great lunch menus, and awesome Sunday brunch sessions. Day or night, check it out.


Address: Gedimino av. 9, Vilnius



Piano Man Bar

This place gets packed on weekends and is still pretty busy during the week. It is a great addition to your trip if you are in a bar hopping mood or if you want to pass the entire night away at one place. The English pub environment gives the place a fun and cheerful vibe with just the right amount of rowdiness and outgoing people.



Address: Islandijos street 1, Vilnius




You might have to plan in advance if you want to go to this restaurant. It became an instant classic when it first opened. It is fully booked and has been for the past several years.



Address: Didzioji street 11, Vilnius



Bistro 18

This is a lovely modern restaurant, serving wonderful international cuisine and, to add to that, a fine selection of wine. The atmosphere of the place is splendid. Here you can find food for the best price-to-quality ratio! It is a good place to go with your other half or family.



Address: Stikliu street 18, Vilnius






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