Burgermeister – The most famous burger joint in Berlin

I love burgers! There are very few things in world that can satisfy the taste buds, like a well-prepared beef patty, crispy bacon, and basic condiments, in between a slightly crispy but soft bun.

And as simple as it sounds, it is very easy to screw it up. I have written about Tommi’s Burger Joint as one of those places that gets it right And while I would rank Tommi’s higher in terms of quality. There is however, no doubt in mind Burgermeister wins hands down in terms of originality and experience. Not to mention for under 5 euros for the regular burgers, you get the best value for money. And deserves to be in the exclusive club of high quality burger joints in Berlin!

Located right in the middle of Schlesisches Tor under the beautifully constructed train tracks of the U1 leading to and from Schlesisches Tor Ubahn station. The station itself is rooted in history as it is named after one of the former 18TH century city gates.

A further fun fact making this a truly unique venue is that the King of Berlin Burgers is located in what used to be a public toilette! Don’t worry, there is very little of that left apart from the signage!

The go to burger to get is the house burger the ‘Meisterburger’! It is simple affair, just the way I like it, a well cooked juicy patty with fried onions, mustard, bacon and bbq sauce in a bun. It is not too big or messy. Every bite is delicious and fills you up perfectly.

The fries and sauces are decent but nothing to shout about. Though if your part of the 1am-3am crowd, the enhanced craving for greasy food from a night out, will make the chili cheese fries seem outstanding!

At the end of the day, Burgermeister is the people’s burger. It is one of those few places in Berlin, where you will see all sections of society, together; enjoying the simplicity of what a burger should be all about!


TookTook Tips

  • Prepare for a long line during peak lunch hours and early mornings on the weekends.
  • The burgers are not huge, so if you are going for the regular burgers, get a side or another burger! If you are really hungry!
  • The Meisterburger is the go to burger of choice!


Address: U1 Schlesisches Tor, Oberbaumstraße 8, 10997, Berlin

Phone: +49 30 23883840

Website: Burgermeister


Tuesday 11am–3am
Wednesday 11am–3am
Thursday 11am–3am
Friday 11am–4am
Saturday 12pm–4am
Sunday 12pm–3am
Monday 11am–3am

Price: €

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