ABC – Allan’s Breakfast Club & Wine Bar

Breakfast aka Frühstück is very popular in Berlin and there are plenty of places to go to, if you are looking for the traditional German breakfast of fresh fruits, delicious bread, a variety of cheese, butter and boiled eggs. There are also ample cafés doing their hipster bit of making versions of eggs benedict with ‘artisanal bread’ – the type where you need a steak knife to cut through it or they serve massive bowls of muesli – which have enough yogurt to feed a family of four!

Unfortunately outside these two genres, there is very little out there for folks looking for an American style greasy affair to soak in all the booze from the night before. The things I dream of are hash browns, streaky bacon, corn beef hash, tatar tots, Biscuits and Gravy. The type of options you get in places like New York and London.

Luckily, it’s not all doom and gloom, as there are a few folks trying to break out of the vanilla brunch offerings and do things with care rather than trying too hard to stand out. And the leading light in this endeavour is Allan’s Breakfast Club (ABC).

Allan is the French owner and Head Chef. After spending a few years in Australia, and working in Berlin food scene, he started ABC, fusing the relaxed Aussie brunch culture with French elements – To create one of Berlin’s hottest Brunch spots.

I have been to visit Allan and his lovely staff, more than 6 times since I moved to Berlin. I have sampled most things on the menu and I have to give them high marks for friendly staff and making simple dishes with high quality ingredients.

While I am fan of their Eggs Benedict, I am even bigger fan of their bread bases dishes.

The French toast is genius with the nutella yogurt spread on the side.

The banana bread is just amazing! It’s perfectly baked and tastes amazingly fresh.

The Croque Monsieur may be the best one I have had so far in Berlin!

And if you are really hungry folks you can go for the ABC tasting plate to get the full spread of what the place can offer.

And of course if you got a hair of the dog moment, there is nothing like a strong bloody mary to help your weekend day along!

ABC is currently my go to comfort spot for a weekend meal and if you decide to go later in the evening, post 7:30pm, you also get to experience a vibrant wine bar with that same chill vibe you get for brunch.


TookTook Tips:

  • Make sure to get reservations for the weekend if you have a group. You can call a couple of days in advance usually and get a booking.

Address: Rykestraße 13, 10405 Berlin

Phone: +49 30 23925134

Website: ABC – Allans Breakfast Club & Wine Bar


Tuesday Closed
Wednesday Closed
Thursday 10AM–3PM, 6PM–12AM
Friday 10AM–3PM, 6PM–12AM
Saturday 10AM–4PM, 6PM–12AM
Sunday 10AM–4PM
Monday 10AM–3PM

Price: €€

Nobook Barcelona

One night we were looking to try out a new place for diner in Barcelona and it needed to be quite central. We heard about Nobook.

As the name suggests, you cannot make a reservation/booking, hence the name Nobook. You can really feel this place is different and has an identity of its own.

From the moment you enter, you see chairs hanging on the wall ready to be brought into effect for extra seating, orange-themed decor, open plan kitchen, but the best is the staff are dressed up in orange jumpsuits as if they were prisoners in a corrections facility.

A bit shocking, the colors and the outfits at first, you get used to it, especially the team is so welcoming and enjoying their own environment. The closest thing to a literal version of Orange is the New Black.


The cocktails here are very creative and well presented. Do try one or two throughout your meal.

Like the cocktails, the dishes are creative as well. They touch upon various cuisines from around the world and are great for sharing amongst each other.

Do check out what we ate.


Gua Bao with Peking Duck
General Tso Chicken

Over and above the main menu, there a few surprise dishes that are served from off the menu so be sure to try those as well.

After a lovely meal of a variety of flavors and there was no dessert or coffee or coffe on offer because their cocktails are supposed to take care of your post meal cravings. The night we went there was a band and it kept the energy flowing throughout the night.

You’ll be walking away from Nobook with good vibes.

TookTook Tips:

  • Make sure you know how much you are ordering as quantities vary per dish
  • Try some of their amazing cocktails
  • Find out what is on their unwritten menu
Phone: At Nobook you can’t book so…No Phone
Price: €€€


Tuesday 7:30–11:30PM
Wednesday 7:30–11:30PM
Thursday 1–3:30PM, 7:30PM–12AM
Friday 1–3:30PM, 7:30PM–12AM
Saturday 1–3:30PM, 7:30PM–12AM
Sunday: Closed
Monday 7:30–11:30PM

Signing out,

The Tooktook Team

El Portal – The Gastronomic Taberna of Alicante

The Taberna & Wines Portal

El Portal is a restaurant that is famous in Alicante for a variety of reasons.

  1. It is the epicentre of fine dining in Alicante.
  2. They have an Incredible wine list and serve stunning cocktails.
  3. It is stylish and a place to be seen.
  4. And it is rated highly by the folks at Michelin

El Portal Taberna & Wines

None of these things, usually gets us excited but based on recommendations from locals tellings us to go to Portal, we thought, why not, lets give it a shot!

We arrived on a Friday afternoon and tried to walk in, which was an automatic fail, because the whole place was booked out and not only booked out for the rest of Friday, but for the entire weekend. The lovely maître d however told us to come the next day at 1pm, when the place opens and we could get a spot at the bar.

The Taberna & Wines Portal

So the next day that is exactly what we did and we walked in as one of the first folks for lunch (1pm is clearly too early for Spanish lunch time!). We were given a seats at the bar and because it was relatively quiet, the bar tender was able to chat with us and give us recommendations on what to order.


We ordered 10 dishes covering a variety of things, such as Mollejas de cordero (lamb with sweet bread), Patatas Bravas ( baked potato with aioli sauce), and Verdura Gastromercat ( mozzarella and tomato).




The highlight however were:

Turron de Foie turron-de-foie

Turron or nougat, are made with honey, sugar, and egg white, with toasted almonds. Almonds are indigenous to the region, so you know your getting some one the best turrons in Spain here. And when you combine that nutty paste with the soft consistency of Foie Gras, you are creating an explosion of flavour, like we have never had before.

Vieiras Asadas vieiras-asadas

The roasted scallops in a buttery cream sauce and  topped with bacon!! We just loved this dish. I mean anything with bacon, just makes things better ha! But in all seriousness this is dish, executed to perfection.

Berengena Asadaberengena-asada

Roasted Aubergine was spectacular. It was tender, packed with a lot of flavour. The upper bread crumbled crust, give this dish an amazing contrast between the braised flavours of the aubergine and crispy flavours of the crumble.

Tuna Tataki


This was the highlight of what we eat. This dish was at par with anything you would eat in Japan. The Sashimi was tender, almost buttery and was literally melting in our mouths. We highly recommend, getting this dish if you are good with seafood!


The other dish highly recommended, was the snow crab, which we did not have any space our stomachs to get to, but the bar tender could not stop raving about it!

We are highly impressed by Portal and our experience. Carlos Bosch and his partner and Chef Sergio Sierra have done an incredible job putting Alicante on the map with their restaurant.

TookTook Tips:

  • Make sure to get reservations, Portal is extremely popular with locals and visitors.
  • Book a table for a late lunch on Saturday, we recommend around 2pm and  stick around for drinks! The atmosphere is electric, fuelled by the amazing cocktails.
  • Try the Olive oil that they serve, it is amazing!

Address: Calle Bilbao, 2, 03001 Alicante

Phone: +34 965 14 32 69

Website: El Portal

Hours: Open every day· 1pm–1:30am

Price: €€€

To-Bar – An Alicantino Meal to Remember 

Imagine walking into a restaurant not knowing what you’re going to eat, how much you’re going to pay, how much you’re going to get to eat, or what kind of cuisine it is. We walked into To-bar in Alicante under those circumstances.

Completely overwhelmed by the lack of control over the situation we were wondering if this was turning out to be a good idea in the first place. The waiter with great confidence and jubilation told us we are in good hands and have very little to worry about. We decided to go with the flow.

Bread, water, wine, salad, a host of appetizers, freshly caught shrimp ready to peel, first plate of meat and a second plate of fish, dessert, coffee, digestifs were all included. This turned out to be truly a local, authentic, Alicantino meal.


By the end of the meal we had no more space. No more wiggle room to move. We held our breath for the bill not knowing the damage to our wallets. How much was this experience really worth?

€ 17.50 per head! Our jaws dropped, we couldn’t believe it. For that price this meal was outstanding and worth every penny. Probably, one of the most value-for-money moments ever in our lives.

The atmosphere is great here, like a rustic tavern. Whether you are two people or twenty this place can accommodate any occasion.

Tooktook Tips:

  • Be sure to make a reservation as such an experience is in great demand for visitors and locals alike.


Address: Calle Músico José Torregrosa, 28, 03112 Alicante
Phone: 645 46 18 36
Hours: Open every day· 12–4PM | Friday and Saturday 9–11PM | Sunday Closed

Price: €

From the Tooktook Team

Meat in Tokyo

The Land of the Rising Sun has always been a fascinating place to visit. Disconnected from Continental Asia, and the rest of the world, island life in such a technologically advanced nation was surely to be an interesting experience to say the least. 

Tokyo, being the largest city in world, yet is spotless. Everything is extremely well maintained and serves a purpose. Since space is limited on the islands of Japan and more specifically in Tokyo, building vertically helps to fit in more, in less.

Tokyo is one of those holy grails for food lovers, but not all the great eateries can be seen just on street level, they have to be found. They have to be discovered. Some places are on random floors or rooftops or basements in random buildings, in varying areas of the city. That is why it is a never ending treasure chest. 

The culture in Japan respects all trades, crafts, and art, this includes food. From the freshness of the ingredients to the extreme dedication of chefs perfecting their trade, the quality here is second to none.  

One may assume our trip to Tokyo to have been filled with only eating sushi or some sort of pescatarian diet. Don’t get me wrong there was a lot of that and the best and freshest you will ever have, but there was a lot of other exceptional food too. 

That brings me to experiencing one of the most delicious meat meals ever! Don’t forget Japan is also known for its beef. And if you’re tired of eating just the “plain old” sushi and want some meat, then you HAVE to eat at Ushinokura.

The meat is so fresh and you get a variety of cuts. They are all so delicious and are like butter, just every morsel melts in your mouth. The fun part is you put the meat on the grill yourself. You just can’t go wrong with it whether you like it rare or well done. All you need, if any, is a pinch of salt and the flavor is amplified. Mouth-watering meat lover heaven. Enough for a vegetarian to cheat.Have a few beers and get some frozen saki to go throughout your meal.

Address: Japan, 〒107-0052 Tōkyō-to, Minato-ku, Akasaka, 7 Chome−9, 赤坂7丁目9−1

Tel: +81 3-5573-9062

Hours: 5PM to 3AM


TookTook Team

Arendsnest Proeflokaal – The Dutch Craft Beer Bar of Amsterdam


Holland is not known for its great beer, especially if you consider their more illustrious neighbours Belgium and Germany are usually the ones fighting for that accolade.


But if you are familiar with beer, you will have heard of Dutch beers like Heineken and Amstel. The two are amongst the most popular beers in the world. And like all things beer in the 70’s and 80’s, everyone just wanted lager beers. The likes of Heineken ended up eating up all the local breweries and the ones that didn’t survive takeovers closed down, unable to compete with economies of scale.

Luckily for us, there has been a counter-revolution that started towards the late 90s’ bringing back local craft beers around the world. Though I have to say in America this has been taken to a whole new level, when you have triple IPA beers, that are so dry, it’s like drinking beer with a dry cardboard after taste… Sorry I digress!

Going back to this piece, currently there are more than 400 breweries in Holland.  A lot of them are very small and you probably haven’t heard of 99% of them, unless you’re a die hard craft beer connoisseur!


This is why I love Arendsnest Proeflokaal. Located in the heart of Amsterdam, on Herengracht 90, overlooking the canal slightly off the intersection. It’s not a place you will notice, unless you are looking for it.


They serve over 50 Dutch beers from the tap along with over 100 beers on bottle. Making it one of the few places in Amsterdam, where you can drink through a good chunk of craft brews the country has to offer. The bar has a very vintage feel with wood-paneled walls and furniture, accented by copper pipes and cool looking beer taps.


There are two main menus on blackboards around the bar. With one dedicated to beers on draft and the other one to Jenever, the cousin of gin. Despite the difference in drinks, you know the one common factor…everything is Dutch!


I have been to this bar over 4 times and the staff are always helpful and super passionate about beer! You can start with their own eponymous house beer and slowly work you way through the Dutch microbrewery landscape.


They also have a small but good selection of cheese and meat, to pair  with your drinks. And if you are in a group, you can always book private tasting sessions, which I would highly recommend!



TookTook Tips

  • Visit it during the afternoon on the weekday, it tends to be quiet and the bartender is more than happy to educate you on the local micro brewery scene.
  • I would recommend getting a meat and cheese platter, it goes really well with the dry beers especially.


Website: Arendsnest Proeflokaal

Address: Herengracht 90, 1015, Amsterdam

Telephone: +31 (0) 20 421 2057

Timing:  Sunday – Thursday |12: 00 – 24: 00  &  Friday – Saturday | 12:00 – 2: 00

Price: €


La Rosa Vermutería – The best Tapas Bar in Palma de Mallorca


Palma de Mallorca has never been on top of my list, when it comes to picking a place to visit in Spain. Cheesy 70s/80s architecture, random neon lighting, combined with a large population of tourists never makes it an authentic experience. It sounds snooty unfortunately, especially when you are talking about an Island in the Western Mediterranean with amazing weather year round!

Which is precisely the reason we finally caved in, considering there are not a lot of options in Europe for Vitamin D replenishing and the prospect of 20 degree weather in December.


In preparation of visiting Palma, we did our usual homework, putting together a list of local food recommendations from blogs and travel sources. After going to a few of them on our first day, using the word ‘mediocre’ would be putting it lightly. After all, this is Spain we are taking about, the country with arguably the best food on the planet!

So when a foodie friend, Facebook messaged us about La Rosa, after seeing our posts from Mallorca, we had nothing to lose.


Located right off Plaça de Weyler, next to the beautiful Gran Hotel, is the amazing La Rosa Vermuteria. Opened in 2015, is still the hottest tapas bar in Palma.


The interiors are warm and inviting. The owner, Nacho Velasco has done an amazing job contrasting vintage white tiles and dark wooden surfaces, with retro wall hangings, giving it a 50’s vibe with a modern twist.


And in keeping with the trends that had already swept across the mainland, the main drink of choice is Vermouth. With over 20 different types of vermouths available, takes you back to a time when Vermouth was always the apéritif of choice in Spain.


The food menu has all the tapas staples such as bravas, gildas, padron peppers, croquettes and tortilla. All of which are great in their own way and came out perfectly.




The dishes I would highly recommend getting is anything to do with seafood, such as the various mussels, clams and sardines. Especially the ones that come in tin cans. I know it sounds super weird if you are not familiar but the tin cans offer some of the tastiest and freshest sea food you cant get, because they are canned right after the catch.



And depending on what is in season at the local markets and what the chef feels like, some of the dishes are made fresh for just that day.



The one dish that really ticked all the boxes was the grilled octopus with garlic confit and parsley gel. Probably one of the best octopus dishes I have ever eaten!


What makes this place even better, it’s #43 on TripAdvisor for restaurants in Palma… ha!  Which basically means this is truly a local establishment for locals!


Special thank you to our friend Bren for recommending this gem of a place and for sharing some of his images with us as well. He also happened to be there, just the other day!

TookTook Tips:

Definitely  get a glass of vermouth, it will be a crime not to get one.


The menu can look a little complicated, especially if your not familiar with the canned seafood.  Ask the staff for recommendations, they are super nice and very helpful! And most of the guys speak very good english.

The place can get super packed during peak lunch and dinner times. It is a massive hotspot for locals. Be prepared to wait for a table for larger groups.

This is also one of the few places that is open on a Sunday and random hours of the day, so take full advantage!


Website: La Rosa Vermutería

Address: Carrer Rosa, 5, 07003, Palma

Telephone: +34 971 77 89 29

Timing: Tuesday – Sunday | 12:00 – 24:00  &  Monday | 19:30 – 24:00  

Price: € €


Foodie hot spots in Karachi

Karachi is one of the largest cities in the world. It’s got that hustle bustle of a port city, the clout of a financial hub, and the convergence of diversity from all corners of the country.  The city is a crowded, hectic, noisy, an unapologetic metropolis.

But there is beauty in its chaos. The energy of Karachi and its people is just something else. This energy and passion is ever present in the city’s food culture.  

There are so many great places to eat in Karachi, both local and non-local cuisine.  Whether it’s your first time to Karachi or you’re a frequent visitor to the city make sure you check out these places offering local flavors as you will be wanting to go back for more.

Kolachi by the sea / Kolachi at Ocean Tower.



Kolachi is a great place to come with friends and family. In groups of all sizes. Ever since it opened in 2012, the service and food have been getting rave reviews from local and visitors alike.

Recommended: Chicken Malai (cream) Boti, the Hunzai Kebab, Peshawari Karahi and Barbecued Prawns accompanied with some Cheese Naans.

Address: Ocean Towers,, Khayaban-e-Iqbal, Karachi, Pakistan


Hours:  7PM–1AM

BBQ Tonight


BBQ tonight is a cornerstone to Karachi’s restaurant scene for almost three decades. It has grown from being a roadside reataurant into a 4 story with a rooftop terrace restaurant and  expanded its brand across Asia. A true symbol and brand ambassador of Paksitani food, specially barbecue.

Recommend: Lamb ribs, Seekh Kebabs, Lamb chops, and Afghani Tikka. Get an assortment of breads.

Address: Com. 5/1, Boating Basin,Block-5، Clifton، Karachi, Pakistan


Hours: 12PM–2AM

Tandoori Hut


Tandoor Hut has variety on it’s menu, but the only thing to get from here is its Butter Chicken that is cooked in a clay pot with saffron. Absolutely delicious, but extremely heavy and watch out for the calorie intake. It is open all the time.

Recommended: Chicken Makhni (Butter). This is cooked in it’s own handi (clay pot). Get some garlic naans to eat it with. 

Address: Shop # A-1,2 Boat View Apartment, Boat Basin, Cilfton., Karachi 75600, Pakistan

Phone: +922135862962

Hours: Open 24 hours

Roadside Cafe


Roadside Cafe has a relaxed feel to it. Love that they celebrate national and global icons through their murals. They have a simple menu of sandwiches, rolls, bun kebabs, and refreshments.

Recommended:  Try the Dhaaga (string) Bun Kebab and Paratha (Pakistani version of flatbread) rolls.

Address: F15, Clifton block 5, behind boat basin
Karachi, Pakistan

Phone: +922135869778

Hours: 4PM–1AM

Hot ‘N Spicy


Hot ‘N Spicy has a pretty extensive menu. However, their kebab rolls (wraps) are special. You can eat outside, inside or even order these to your car.

Recommended: Chicken Malai roll or the Reshmi Roll. Get some Garlic mayo on the side.

Address: Eid Gah Khadda, Karachi, Pakistan

Phone:+92 1112 23334

Hours: 12PM–12AM

Please note this is just first of many posts we will have for Karachi as there are so many amazing restaurants that we have left to cover. For now at least you have an initial list of places for your first or next trip to Karachi, Pakistan. Enjoy!

The tooktook team,


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Tommi’s Burger Joint – Comfort burger of choice

Tommi's Burger Joint Mitte

I am never a huge fan of chains but once in a while I make exceptions. Especially, when I have personally gone to a place over 4 times!

Tommi’s Burger Joint is currently on my exceptions list. This Icelandic import, currently has two locations in Berlin. The one on Invalidenstrasse 160 is stone throws away from where I live and one afternoon a few months ago I decided to go give it a go.


On first impressions, the place reminded me of the cult ‘Burger Joint’ in the Le Parker Meridien in NYC. Especially with the wooden furniture and cardboard signboards. The similarities even extend to how the burgers come out in white paper and to the size of burger. It makes you wonder if the inspiration for this institution comes from the place it shares a bit of their name.

Tommi's Burget Joint

Regardless of the obvious similarities and my nostalgic memories of living in New York, visiting and eating at the burger joint….Tommi’s does make consistently good fast food style burgers, which never disappoints!


The type of burger that satisfies your carnal craving for good old fashion beef, with simple seasoning, grilled medium-well to perfection. And not to mention, the perfect side of  McDonald’s size fries, which everyone loves, with out the sogginess.  Every batch is freshly made, to ensure you always get that crispy freshness in every bite.

Tommi Gunn's Burger Joint

There are better burger places in Berlin to get a Bacon Cheeseburger but this is my go to comfort burger in Berlin……for now.


TookTook Tips:

Try one of the two Einstök, Icelandic beers they have in bottles, white ale in particular goes really well with the burger.

Einstock Tommi's Burger Joint

Get their in house chipotle sauce. It’s a euro and totally worth adding to your burger, to give that tangy umami to the burger.

If your expecting a super quick meal during peak dinning hours of lunch and dinner, then skip it, because the place can get very crowded, averaging 15-20 minutes after you place your order.

Sweet potato fries are definitely worth getting if your sharing, but get the regular if your by yourself.

Website: Tommis Burger Joint

Address: Invalidenstrasse 160, 10115 Berlin

Telephone: +49 30 52132190

Timing: Monday – Sunday | 12:00 – 22:00  

Price: €



Barcelona: Born to be Wild

Summer might be coming to an end in most places, but in Barcelona the sun is shinning brighter than ever.

As you may already know, Barcelona is made up of various neighborhoods, with each offering its own style, charm, and vibes.

Today, we will be taking a trip through the neighborhood of El Born.


Cafés El Magnifico | Carrer de l’Argenteria, 64, 08003 | | +34933193975

Really good coffee! Carefully sourced and toasted beans from various part of globe.




Tapeo del Born Carrer de Montcada, 29, 08003 | | +34933101607

Delicious tapas with some great creativity and flavors.




La Paradeta Carrer Comercial, 7 | | +34932681939

Fresh Seafood purchased by the kilo. Pick your fish, the quantity and the way it’s cooked (fried, grilled, or boiled). Dig in.




Tlaxcal | Carrer del Comerç, 27, 08003 | | +34932684134

Just some great Mexican food. The tacos are amazing here, so are the enchiladas and the guacamole.





La Taguara Carrer del Rec, 10, 08003 | | +34932681572

Really good arepas. It’s standing only, which makes it a great place for a quick bite.


Cal Pep Plaça de les Olles, 8, 08003 | | +34933107961

Tapas. This place is always packed and you eat at the bar.



Picnic Carrer del Comerç, 1, 08003 | | +34935116661

Awesome brunch food.




Llamber Carrer de la Fusina, 5, 08003 | | +34933196250

Gastronomic cuisine.






Espai Sucre Carrer de la Princesa, 53, 08003 | | +34932681630

Gastronomic tasting menu for desserts. Quite a unique concept with unusual flavor combinations.

Espai Sucre

Espai Sucre2

Espai Sucre3

Espai Sucre4

Bubó Carrer de les Caputxes, 10, 08003 | | +34932687224

It’s a great and the right place to succumb to all your sweet tooth cravings. You will come across all sorts of goodies. Tarts, bakery items, cakes, macaroons, chocolates. You name they got it.



Bormuth Plaça Comercial, 1, 08003 | | +34933102186


Etniko Carrer del fossar de les moreres  | Website | +34931882890

You can find some great vermouth here, but cocktails as well.